Communication is everything on social media today

It’s not enough to upload a bunch of pictures, statuses, or short video clips to your social media accounts and expect your Instagram followers to beat a path to your sales page or e-commerce platform to buy whatever it is you have for sale.

That’s just not the way it works today.


What you’re going to want to do instead is focus on creating as many followers across your social media platforms as possible, even if it means going out and making the decision to buy Instagram followers, Facebook friends, and Twitter followers in bulk to get the ball rolling. From there, and only after you have an audience, you’re going to want to start communicating – two-way communicating – with as many of these people as you possibly can.

By showing off your personality, by taking an active interest in their lives and their problems, and by trying to show that you are “one of them” (but one of them that has solved the issues that they’re dealing with) you will have an almost unfair advantage over the rest of your competition. Sure, it’s easier said than done and it’s going to involve a bit of extra effort, but it can turn you into an online superstar overnight.